Friday, February 20, 2009

More new items!

It's time to PARTY!

I am so so so excited that someone has booked a jewelry party! (thanks, Laura!) I'm really nervous to see if people will actually buy anything, or if they'll just be nice and say they like it, but not buy anything. This will be the first time people I don't know will be taking a look. So it's very intimidating. But it's a start! And my fantastic husband was going to surprise me with my own checking account, but I had to be the one to set it up... it was really great. So now it'll be so much easier to track what I'm spending and if I'm even earning enough for this to be worth it. So many crazy exciting things! I'd really like for my jewelry to be sold in a boutique at some point. I think that would be awesome. Or a salon... Somewhere. I don't know if I'll even be good at the 'selling' part, so I kind of think it would be great for someone else to do the selling. That might be getting ahead of things, though...