Friday, March 12, 2010

Name Your Price!

Sometime in April I'm going to have an open house.  A super special open house.  A "Name Your Price" Open House.  That's right.  I'm letting YOU tell ME what you want to pay for the pieces you choose. (as long as you play nice and don't offer like $1 or something) 

Why am I doing this?

I have a few reasons.  One is because I have a lot more inventory than I would like.  Another is that I want to start exploring some new ways to make jewelry, and to do that I need to sell some things so I can pay for my new adventures. =) 

So please keep an eye out for when I get this open house scheduled.  And for those of you that can't make it on the day I choose, you will be more than welcome to set up a time after the OH and you'll still get to name your price.  I'm really excited for it!  So please watch for further details.