Monday, April 13, 2009


I am SOOOO stinkin' excited! I get to go to a glass fusion class this week. I have been wanting to try this for like a year, at least. And it gets even better since some of my girlfriends will be there too. ROCK!

I have gone to a couple of other classes lately to learn some new techniques, and I've really been getting back in the groove of making jewelry again. It feels so good to be productive! I'm still really struggling with feeling like what other people make is so much better than what I make, but OH WELL. Maybe some day I'll get over that, but I kind of doubt it. *shrug* At least I'm getting things made, right? Right.


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  1. i dont know how I missed this post. That is so cool, how did it go? Hope the creative juices are a flowin!