Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back in Action

That's how I'm feeling the last couple of days.  Like I'm back in action.  Awesome.  So what have I been up to the last few months?  I bet you're just glued to your seat waiting to find out.  ;)  WAAAAYYYY back in Nov. I did two shows.  One small one at my church that went very well.  Better than expected.  Then I did the big giant scary craft fair at Northwest.  That one... not so good.  At least I made more than I paid to participate!  And overall it was a good experience.  And in Dec. I was invited to join an open house by my lovely friend Jene'   That actually went pretty well.  I have come to the conclusion that I do best when there's no competition.  It's a little bit of a sad realization, but an honest one.  And I think I'm okay with it.  And let's face it... when there are 800 million jewelry makers at a single craft fair, it's not likely that I'm going to really stand out.

OH!  I almost forgot to add... I made the jewelry for a friend of a friend's wedding.  That was super fun.  I really enjoyed it.  I thought it turned out really well.  I had assumed that I would just be making it for the bridesmaids, thinking that no bride is going to risk getting some crappy jewelry for her wedding day.  But I was wrong!  She asked me to make hers, too.  It really made me nervous, but I THINK I met her expectations.  Or at least came close.  I wouldn't mind doing more wedding jewelry in the future.  It's so fun and purdy.  =D

Okay, so now what am I going to do with all this new-found knowledge?  I'm not really sure yet. hehe.  I'm hoping to do another large craft fair this spring.  Probably a diferent one, though.  I'm going to readjust my prices on a few things, but I still think I have kept my prices pretty reasonable.  And I want to start having a little more focus with what I make.  I'll still have a plethera of randomness, since it seems to suit me and I like offering a variety, but I really want to have a focus somewhere in all of that mishmash.

So what will be my focus?  GLAD YOU ASKED.  =)  I'm going to try to really expand my kid line.  Little girls need little jewelry.  The other focus is that I am going to start a faith line.  I am proud to be a Christian, and while not everyone feels the same, I think it's something worth making.

And I would also like to find some more people to host B. Accessorized parties.  I really enjoyed the one that I did (THANK YOU LAURA!)  So hopefully I will find some hostesses that are willing to take a chance.  I know I can't offer as many discounts and freebies as the big companies, but I give what I can.

I'm also making some donations to the MY OMAHA MOMMIES raffle.  That always excites me.  And I love that group!  So hopefully my donations will earn them some $$$ =D

Well, I think that's it in a nutshell folks.  Hopefully I will be posting more frequently again, and posting more pictures.  Peace out, my friend.  Thanks for reading. =)


  1. Once I've recovered from the stress of that darn party I hosted, I might have a party...but that won't be for a while...I am not a good saleswoman and get all stressed asking people to buy :)
    A kids line would be awesome! If I ever love my sister's daughters, maybe I will get them something. Maybe.
    Hm, how much are those name bracelets w/ kids names on them?

  2. oh my love. the wedding jewelry was tres awesome -- the bride was so in love with ALL OF IT -- like giddily schmoopily could hardly wait to show it to us (but she did, because she has far more restraint than I) and we got SO MANY compliments. when you are here this summer i am having a jewelry party, so get your party pants pressed. and plan on an overnight to b-town. ;)

    also, i am still sending mine back to you (my necklace, not my party pants. those you cannot have) so you can put some sort of hook device on it. so it won't fall off. silly thing. but i has been so busy. guh. moving stinks. hate.

    annnnnd i'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this entry. my rss feed is all sorts of ridic right now. sadly my "people i know in real life" folder tends to get the shaft. but know that i love you. forevs-like.

    hope to talk to you soon -- we should talk about a teeensy weeeeensy bracelet for emilie and shane's soon-to-be baby girl. ;)