Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Next Morning

I have to be honest.  I "work" at night. (no, I don't really consider it real work either, so don't feel bad if you rolled you eyes at the word)  After a workout, walking the dog, playing with three kids, running errands, going to the pool, cleaning the house, feeding the hoard, and doing laundry, I tend to be a bit on the tired side by the time I head down to the dungeon to work.  Not to mention my brain is rather foggy, if it hasn't shut down completely.  But I take my tunes and water jug, and down I go. 

 *I promise this is going somewhere...* 

Once things really get going, I start getting all pumped about what I'm doing.  It's really a lot of fun when things go right.  And I'm trying to get more and more into trying new techniques and not being so safe.  Know what I mean?  And that can mean not really knowing what I'm doing, or if what I THINK I'm doing is working like I think it will.

So.  There I am.  Staring with glee at my newest creation.  I can tell you, knowing you won't judge me in the least, (right???) that there have been times that I run down stairs the next morning so I can snap a pic of my new brain-child and have some sort of "well shit." reaction.  Sometimes what is mind-blowing awesomesauce at night through dry contacts and blurry eyes is something that leaves a bit to be desired the next morning.

The other night I made a pair of earrings.  My mind went back and forth between elation at the creation in my head that was becoming reality, and remembering all the times it turned out to be complete crap the next day.  But I finished them and was still really happy the next morning.  That meant it was time for the ultimate test.  Posting them on Facebook.  I can always count on my fans to let me know what works, and what is just plain lousy.

And you liked them.  You REALLY REALLY liked them.

It made me so happy.  That's the kind of "Next Morning" I like.

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