Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goodness Gracious

Well, Friends, it's been a while.  A quick little update, for those of you that don't know me personally... My family and I moved to Dayton, OH.  So between the holidays, getting ready for the move, the move itself, and getting settled in our new home, it's been quite some time since I have actually made any jewelry.  It's sad, I know.

But for some freakish reason, the thought of getting back in it scares the living daylights out of me.  I have no idea why.  But that's the way it is. 

When I went into JoAnn's a couple weeks ago, I almost had a panic attack in the jewelry section.  It was really overwhelming.  I had a lot of ideas coming at me, but I'm not always sure if I should even bother to continue making jewelry (let's face it, there's not a single thing that I've made that all of you couldn't make as well).  But I found a few things that I just couldn't put down, so I bought them.  Haven't touched them since.

And then there's my work space.  It's down in the basement, where no one really spends any time. (we're working on that... it's going to be a rec room soon.)  And my husband is no longer at the desk next to me.  His desk is on the main floor.  He didn't buy my reasons for why he should put his desk downstairs, such as to keep me company.  Lame.  So I will be down there all by myself.  Maybe I would be more productive without anyone to distract me, but I just haven't been able to make myself give it a go.  And the thought of organizing all my supplies... UGH. 

I'm a sad and pathetic person right now, I know.  All eye-rolling is welcome.  I deserve it.

But what this all really comes down to is me wondering if what I make is any good, or if it's all just "Eh."

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  1. Does it make you happy to design/create jewelry? If the answer is yes, keep it will find the time.
    But then you have to think, "Do you want to do it for profit? Or for fun/gifts/family?"
    Very different reasons to create.

    I love my black/grey pearl necklace and i am so glad I got it from you.