Thursday, November 15, 2012

So close...

So I found these...

So I had to do something with them, right?

I had these, too...

So I thought maybe I could use them together.  Make a nice flower-y piece.  Who doesn't like flowers? I thought the colors worked pretty well together, and in my mind the mixture of styles would be good together.

I thought wrong.

Yeah... no. 

So now I have this...

...which I like.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I do like it. 

And I have the start of a pendant/focal piece. 

I'm sure it will be awesome when I figure out how to finish it off.  But for now it goes into the "almost" bin.  Hopefully it won't be there long.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Next Morning

I have to be honest.  I "work" at night. (no, I don't really consider it real work either, so don't feel bad if you rolled you eyes at the word)  After a workout, walking the dog, playing with three kids, running errands, going to the pool, cleaning the house, feeding the hoard, and doing laundry, I tend to be a bit on the tired side by the time I head down to the dungeon to work.  Not to mention my brain is rather foggy, if it hasn't shut down completely.  But I take my tunes and water jug, and down I go. 

 *I promise this is going somewhere...* 

Once things really get going, I start getting all pumped about what I'm doing.  It's really a lot of fun when things go right.  And I'm trying to get more and more into trying new techniques and not being so safe.  Know what I mean?  And that can mean not really knowing what I'm doing, or if what I THINK I'm doing is working like I think it will.

So.  There I am.  Staring with glee at my newest creation.  I can tell you, knowing you won't judge me in the least, (right???) that there have been times that I run down stairs the next morning so I can snap a pic of my new brain-child and have some sort of "well shit." reaction.  Sometimes what is mind-blowing awesomesauce at night through dry contacts and blurry eyes is something that leaves a bit to be desired the next morning.

The other night I made a pair of earrings.  My mind went back and forth between elation at the creation in my head that was becoming reality, and remembering all the times it turned out to be complete crap the next day.  But I finished them and was still really happy the next morning.  That meant it was time for the ultimate test.  Posting them on Facebook.  I can always count on my fans to let me know what works, and what is just plain lousy.

And you liked them.  You REALLY REALLY liked them.

It made me so happy.  That's the kind of "Next Morning" I like.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goodness Gracious

Well, Friends, it's been a while.  A quick little update, for those of you that don't know me personally... My family and I moved to Dayton, OH.  So between the holidays, getting ready for the move, the move itself, and getting settled in our new home, it's been quite some time since I have actually made any jewelry.  It's sad, I know.

But for some freakish reason, the thought of getting back in it scares the living daylights out of me.  I have no idea why.  But that's the way it is. 

When I went into JoAnn's a couple weeks ago, I almost had a panic attack in the jewelry section.  It was really overwhelming.  I had a lot of ideas coming at me, but I'm not always sure if I should even bother to continue making jewelry (let's face it, there's not a single thing that I've made that all of you couldn't make as well).  But I found a few things that I just couldn't put down, so I bought them.  Haven't touched them since.

And then there's my work space.  It's down in the basement, where no one really spends any time. (we're working on that... it's going to be a rec room soon.)  And my husband is no longer at the desk next to me.  His desk is on the main floor.  He didn't buy my reasons for why he should put his desk downstairs, such as to keep me company.  Lame.  So I will be down there all by myself.  Maybe I would be more productive without anyone to distract me, but I just haven't been able to make myself give it a go.  And the thought of organizing all my supplies... UGH. 

I'm a sad and pathetic person right now, I know.  All eye-rolling is welcome.  I deserve it.

But what this all really comes down to is me wondering if what I make is any good, or if it's all just "Eh."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

For the most part, I feel that my jewelry has been simple and clean, which is how I prefer it.  But I think it's also been a bit too boring and generic at times.  I don't think I have pushed myself to think outside the box nearly as much as I should have been.  So the last couple of weeks I've been trying to push myself a bit more.  I'm not 100% sure that my results are anything that people will take a second look at, but it feels good to try some things that I haven't done before.

On our family trip to Montana, I picked up a magazine that was very different from any others I've grabbed over the last few years.  It was also rather expensive, and is only published twice per year.  But I found a lot of inspiration in it.  I'm torn when it comes to looking at other peoples' work.  I love it and try to soak it all in, but at the same time it shines a light on my own lack of creativity.  But overall, it gives me goals to work towards, and ideas on how to get there. 

This three-strand pearl necklace is the most "outside" I've gotten so far.  The clasp is on the side, rather than in back.  The ribbon that goes around the back is a bit frilly and stretchy, and I think it works well with the pearls and charms I added on.

  What do you think?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Work and Play

Honestly, I love making jewelry, period.  But for me there's a difference between orders and things I create.  I don't mind orders.  But getting to come up with something totally different is really a fine thing for me.  I'm hoping in the next few months to add some new methods/mediums to what I already do.  But that'll have to wait just a bit longer. 

For Karissa's Wedding.  Love her to pieces!
I've finished the jewelry for two weddings.  One for an old friend and one for a new friend.  Now that those are finished, I'm getting to my other orders.  But I have to have SOME free time in there too, don't I?  So each night I work on one order.  And when it's finished I spend the rest of the night playing with new things.  It works well for me. 

Inter mixed with the orders, I've created two new pieces that I'm really happy with.  I think they're absolutely beautiful.  It's going to be really hard to part with them. 

Smokey Elegance

The first is a necklace and earring set.  I've called it Smokey Elegance.  This set is actually not for sale.  I've donated it to my mom group MyOmahaMommies for the national auction that TheMommiesNetwork is holding to support all of its' chapters.  I hope it brings in a little something.  It's a wonderful organization that I'm thrilled to be part of.  I'm still considering whether to make another.  It may happen.  It might not.  You'll have to let me know if you'd like to see one for sale.

Braided Beauty: Price TBD
The other is a braided bracelet.  It's really elegant, but could definitely be worn for a more casual shindig.  It's really great.  It's made for a larger wrist.  I could perhaps make another, and in other colors, though due to the effort/time to make it, it'll be one of my pricier pieces.  You all know I prefer to keep prices low.  I want my friends, and their friends, to be able to afford fun, beautiful jewelry without sending their budge to the devil.  But I'm finding that some things just have to cost more.  And I, personally, think this bracelet is worth a bit more.  But I'd like your opinion.  What would YOU pay for it?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Totally Wicked

I have subscribed to a number of jewelry newsletters.  Some even come via Facebook.  It's awesome.  A few weeks ago, one of the newsletters featured an artist.  I decided to take a look (I don't always) and OH MY WORD!  I was in love.  I loved everything about what this lady had created.  Except for one thing.  The price tag.  Holy Shizang, were her prices high.  We're talking more than $100 for a bracelet. 


You read that right.

I know.  I was surprised, too.

But still, they were some stellar bracelets.  I have some theories on why they were so expensive, but I still just can't get over it. 

Anyway, I decided to try to make them myself.  I was worried that it was going to be more complicated than I thought.  The pictures were pretty small, so I wasn't sure if I was missing something.  But I gave it a go, and I am so thrilled.  The possibilities with these bracelets are practically endless! 

Maybe it's wrong of me to take someone else's idea, and I try to avoid it, and make some changes, but this was just too hard to resist.  The picture kind of stinks, I know, but hopefully you get the idea.  I'll be making a lot more in this style, so keep an eye on Facebook!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

THE Order

Last Friday, I was at the airport helping out my sister-in-law.  We let the toddlers run for a bit to burn off energy, hoping to ensure a peaceful ride on the air-o-plane.  Of course Alex was the perfect example of how a two-year-old should act in just such a situation.  He climbed on the airport furniture (there may have been some jumping involved...).  He ran for the escalators a few times.  He apparently has aspirations to become a fireman since he was also rather obsessed with each and every fire extinguisher we came across.  So while the hour+ was fun, it was a bit on the stressful/frustrating side. 

When it was time to leave, I got him in the seat, pull out some cash to pay for the parking lot cashier's daughter's college tuition, and start to drive out of the parking lot.  My phone rings.  My cell phone NEVER rings.  So I pull over and answer it. (still being charged a fortune as I haven't actually LEFT the parking area yet)  The lady on the other end is someone whom I have never met. (I'm still totally frazzled)  But she's a friend of a friend.  And a year or so ago, this friend of mine had sent her some personalized bracelets for her girls.  So that's how she found me.  She liked the ones she got, but she wanted different ones, PLUS some to send to her neices for Easter.  Totally cool.  I knew it would be tight time-wise, but that's okay.  I totally under-quoted her on price, but that's my own fault, and really that was the only downfall to this whole shindig. 

So I bought my supplies (OUCH-sterling is expensive) and got them made.  The problem is... it's REALLY hard to gauge sizes for kids.  I used Alex and Isabel (while she was sleeping... it was pretty funny)  but I still have no idea whether the bracelets will fit or not.  *sigh*  I REALLY hope they do.  So say a little prayer for me, friends.  I need it.

And, of course, I forgot to take pictures in my frenzy to get them mailed in time for her to get them packaged up so SHE can mail them. 

But do you want to know my favorite part in all of this?  It's a STRANGER that placed the order.  I love when my friends order something, but, to me, someone I don't know is a better yardstick to measure by.  A friend might buy something they sort of like, just to be supportive.  A stranger will NOT do that.  They only buy things they KNOW they want.  It's a good feeling. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I fail.  I know.  I'll work on it.

Stay tuned for a super fun necklace coming in the next week or two.  =D